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When someone who has just bought an iphone, Who mentions or uses it in every situation.
Jack called me on the toilet, he has iPhone Syndrome.
by Iphoneist January 04, 2009
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They'll think you're got shit when they have you, hold onto you when they think they need you, but then trade you up first opportunity they get. (Refering primarily to a shitty boy/girlfriend who is with you because you happen to be sucked into their shit. Had someone else come along before they'd be with this sack of shit and you wouldn't even be on their radar. ) Just like how you thought your Iphone 4 was amazing until you got that fancy ass 5c, and sold your 4 like the cheap whore it really was.
Mary thought Jack was totally in love with her until Mindy, a hotter, taller, skinnier girl came to town. Turns out Jack was only with Mary until he could trade up for a Mindy; proving he's got Iphone Syndrome, and should be set on fire.
by _nitzah_ May 04, 2018
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