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Sometimes used to label the feeling (most of the time not by the afflicted, except in extreme cases) of attraction/sexual arousal caused by Apple products.

It is a common side-effect of purchasing an iPhone and is treatable, however there are currently no guaranteed cures, as it is known to lie dormant for many years even after the original symptoms disappear.
" He had a serious case of iPhilia, but I let loose my golf club at his car 'till he agreed that my PC is not 'a steaming pile of crap' " (the use of the word 'iPhilia' by an extreme iPhobic)
" I told her i'm a PC man and she started crying. She told me she has 'iPhilia', I told her it doesn't matter and we made out on the blanket she glued together out of her old iPad 1s. "
"Can your iPhone do th- oh wait, you don't have an iPhone! We should fix that!" (a typical iPhile phrase)
by Eamon D January 11, 2012
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