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Name given to those with a cult like obsession with and devotion to Apple, its products, and possibly the late Steve Jobs and/or Tim Cook. Despite possibly appearing sane in general, will become completely unreasonable and hostile in the face of any criticism of anything Apple, no matter how minuscule. Also, likely to read you the riot act should you buy any kind of Apple competitor's product for anything, ever.
I'll just grab a cord at Wal Mart. I don't wanna go to the Apple store and face the goddamned iCrowd.

He reamed me out for buying a Kindle, he's a Kool-aid drinking member of the iCrowd.
by Evalas November 20, 2012
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those certain international people who believe that the obscene amounts of money their parents made oppressing people in the third world makes them better than the average american. i-crowd also refers to wanna-bes, including americans, who try to integrate themselves into this lame, over-monied clique. i-crowd members may be identified by their armani-exchange outfits, their obnoxious desire to impolitely speak foreign languages even when everyone around them is speaking english, and their propensity to believe that it is okay to flout the moral codes of their repressive home countries by taking advantage of american girls after getting them drunk on over-priced booze. i-crowd members tend to work very little, party very hard, and have sweet jobs lined up running stuff when they repatriate to their homelands.
saudi-princes studing at u.s. universities tend to join the i-crowd.
by VonKoeppelStein October 30, 2006
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