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Found hanging from 50% of humans (most often iCunts) yet only 2% of people actually understand how they operate, or any technology for that matter.

Like clits they are also unreasonably expensive to own, but dicks will spend silly money to play with one, thumbing away wondering why it won't do what they thought it could do
iCunt : Excuse me, but this phone that does less than the Android phone I now wish I bought at 2/3rds the price crashed on me, making me reset it on iTunes, loosing my apps, low qualify photos and all my contacts as well as my overpriced music. Wouldn't have much of any issue had I bought a phone with adult features such the ability to change something as simple as the battery or memory card, I'm a big boy and can be trusted with that sort of technical witchcraft.

Shop douche : Do you have an iClit by any chance?
by vidguyuk June 02, 2011
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