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Adjective meaning addicted to one's computer, smartphone, or any other internet-related device to the point of being rude. People with iphones tend to be the most irude, but blackberries and computers are also pretty bad.
Scenario 1: During a conversation with a friend, the i-rude offender wil whip out his/her electronic device of choice to check/write email, send a text message, instant message, look something up, etc. He/she then cannot follow the friend's conversation, and must ask them to repeat themselves. This generally happens numerous times, occasionally with apologies or "hold ons" thrown in.
Scenario 2: During a party, the i-rude offender spends more time on their device of choice than talking to other people.
by unefille December 22, 2008
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The act of talking about your iPhone or Apple product in the presence of somebody that does not have one.
Person1: "Have you seen the new free game at the App Store on your iPhone?"
Person2: "Oh yeah! I downloaded it last night…"
Person3: β€œYou guys are so iRude, I do not have an iPhone, will you please stop talking about them”
by RAVELAR September 10, 2008
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constantly using your iPhone or other smart phone when ostensibly socializing with other people.
iRude is carrying on a conversation with someone in person while constantly texting, browsing the web, checking your email, etc.

iRude is staring at/playing with your smartphone instead of socializing during a party, meeting, or any event.

iRude is constantly asking your friends to repeat themselves because you were distracted by your phone.
by cats23 November 15, 2009
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