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An individual fiercely loyal to Apple products no matter how well they work or how much better any other product may be. They will go to any length to purchase the newest Apple product no matter what it's called. Put an "i" in front of anything and an i-Turd has to have it. About once a year they can be seen camping out in front of the Apple store, sipping Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks coffee, 24 hours before the release of the newest iteration of the i-Phone, i-Pod and/or i-Pad to purchase it.
Jeff: "Dude, why do you have that PC and that Droid? You have to get a Mac and an i-Phone. They're so much better!"

Brian: "I like these better."

Jeff: "I only buy apple products. They NEVER fail! I would buy a turd if Apple sold them!"

Brian: "You are an i-Turd!"
by The Original Skrimpy July 26, 2013
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When you drop your Ipod in the toilet
I was such a fucking dumbass, I dropped my brand new iPod in the toilet, now it's a iTurd.
by Ryley Fee January 05, 2007
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People that forget to delete their pictures from the iPhone at the apple store. Usually resulting in other people making fun of them.
Me - "Hey jack take a look at this iTurd"

Jack - "Thats a hot looking iTurd"
by not working February 10, 2008
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A transparent box that blinds you at night like a deer in the headlights.
1: iTurd.
2: You certainly do!
by B-Drac November 02, 2003
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Another word for iPod, but this way, Zen owners can be happy and shoot iPod owners then hold hands and jump into the grand canyon wearing jump cams in their hats to capture the fall on live Suicide TV, but iWon't jump cause iHave a Zen V Plus, SO I'M FUCKIN SPESHUL, OK!?
iTurd are peice of shit excuses to get away from your fucked up family fights in your mobile trailer home with stolen cable TV to watch the Suicide Channel so you can watch all the cool people jump into the grand canyon cuz ur retarded!
by dude007 July 21, 2008
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