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A variation of Would You Rather, in which at least one scenario involves bukkake (which in this case often refers to massive amounts of semen).
Here are two examples of hypokkake.

Example 1:
Would you rather perform in a "wide release" Bukkake film (as the coozee) which goes into general porn circulation, and in which you are coozed on for 20-35 minutes while crying and blubbering with snot coming out of your nose and mixing with the 'Kakke;


Mainline Bukkake in front of your first born child

Example 2:

Would you rather recieve a high pressure enema with bukkake for 30 straight minutes which hurts your insides and causes you to bleed from your rectum


Swim for 30 minutes in an Olympic sized pool filled with bukkake while doing the butterfly stroke (keep in mind the viscosity of bukkake would not make swimming particularly easy)
by The Chastener November 26, 2005
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