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verb form of aggressively promoting a pre-trendy new artist via blog/Twitter in hopes that they will become actually trendy and you will seem 'ahead of the curve.' 'Grabbing onto the hypeball,' 'getting the hypeball rolling.' This happens especially with young artists who have only released a few songs, but seem especially trendy and 'buzzworthy' and everyone hypeballs them, hoping they'll seem cool, and then the artists fails to live up to their hyped-up expectations and collapses under the pressure.

coined by hipster runoff blogger 'carles,' used exceptionally during his 2011 coverage of 'hot indie female singer' and hypeballing icon Lana del Rey
"producer Tim Goldsworthy has gone out of their way to 'talk mad shit' abt Lana Del Rey and all of the 'mindless' indie blogs and mp3 listeners that are hypeballing her."

"Do u think Pocahaunted quit because they were disenfranchised by the hypeballing of the Best Coast sound project?"
by br0n0nym0use December 03, 2011
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