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a girl who is beautiful inside and outside. Her looks may not be "holy mother fucker shes beautiful!!!!" but is very beautiful, but has a better personality when you get to know her. she may look timid shy and quiet, but is actually the one too fuck with but definitely the one person you should know they can change your life
hyosun is amazing
by djrez September 08, 2010
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(Origon of Korea). HyoSuns amazing people, and are definitely someone you wanna be around. HyoSuns are usually athletic, but are yet are always eating, and usually born in Fall. Generally, Hyosuns are pretty annoying, but can prove to be a good person once you know them. Shy/quiet at first, but with time, show their real selves.
"Damn, its HyoSun! He's amazing, I wish I were him!"
"Poor guy needs a name change tbh".


"Wow, HyoSun stole my girl again!!!"
by HyoSun December 21, 2016
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