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hydrotard -

1. (Verb)To melt someone's rational ability with stupid or silly entertainment.

-Past tense: Hydrotarded, Past Participle: Hydrotard, Present Participle: Hydrotarding-

1. (Noun)Someone who is temporarily rendered stupid or silly by drinking alcohol, watching too much television,etc.

-Plural: Hydrotards -


I like to hydrotard my mom when she's upset, so she'll feel better.

After I hydrotarded the class, the teacher sent me to the principal's office.

I had hydrotard the class to get suspended from school and play video games at home.


She giggled and said, "You're such a hydrotard."

At the karaoke bar, we hydrotards started dancing insanely.
by Self-Proclaimed King of Words January 31, 2009
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