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When you've been left alone to face a situation - especially a dangerous or unpleasant situation - the people who just abandoned you have hung you out to dry. Also known as "Hung Up to Dry."
1. Right before the company went bankrupt, the CEO sold all of his stock, thereby leaving everyone else there hung out to dry.
by zoopet November 01, 2007
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Women, this one's for you all. This is like the female version of blue balls. It can happen in any of the ways it can to man, just to one of you fine ladies. Ranging anywhere from being walked in on during masturbation to a guy cumming way too early and leaving you wet and horny.
"Oh my God! Brent left me hung out to dry last night, he finished in like 30 seconds and then just up and left!"

"Last night I was going to town and my mom walked in, I had to hang myself out to dry!"

"Dude, bro, so this bitch was all like suckin my dick bro, and I like started fucking her right? Well I was like you know what I'm done and finished within the minute and left that bitch hung out to dry! She was so pissed bro!"
by Brizzly September 05, 2013
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