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Humbrol is a brand of hobby and miniature paint mostly known for selling a notorious cheap but low quality thick colourful gunk, that pretends to be enamel paint in little tins at hobby-stores

This gunk has the interesting chemical ability of being able to dry within its hermetically sealed container while never fully drying when it is in the open air or painted on a model or component.

It also has a special consistency that makes it clog on and hide the details while still revealing the prime coat on flat open surfaces.

Some old model builders claim that Humbrol paint used to be of a god quality before the production got outsourced from the UK to China and that the quality improved after the production was moved back to the UK.
"You have ruined that airfix model with that Humbrol paint."

"There is a free chewing gum or similar substance in the bottom of every tin of Humbrol Enamel paint, if you stir it for 4 hours it might dissolve."
by Danmark November 22, 2013
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