A person who seems to have a perfect , or close to perfect relationship, career, or life.
Oh my gosh, senpai is like a perfect human!!!
by iShouldRun April 1, 2016
The Perfect Human Face is defined by the four pillars of timeless facial beauty:
1. Clarity of Skin
2. Vivid Skin Color
3. Harmony of Facial Features
4. Symmetry (1.618)
The Perfect Human Face is a website dedicated to bringing the science of Facial Beauty.

The Perfect Human Face is anyone that possesses the Symmetry and Harmony of Facial Features.
by Blacklopedia January 5, 2022
The most fuckin perfect human being alive is scientifically proven to be eve fisher
Guy 1: wow my girlfriend is so gorgeous shes the most fucking perfect human being alive
Guy 2:Really??
Guy 1:Ya shes such an eve fisher
by Mygyaldemisfineaf June 8, 2019