when 3 or more people dance together tonchin and grindin on each other or actin like their havin 3 way sex on a dance floor.

"lets go in the kichten and make a human sandwich".
by chealse June 23, 2007
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A sexual experiment gone terribly right, the human centipede sandwich is done when performing a 69 in a stacked up three-way
"Bro I heard Hannahs a freaky, like three way freaky"

"Damn wouldn't see that in her"

"Dude rumor is she got stacked up with a friend to 69 in a human centipede sandwich"
"Let's get HER number!"
by get arrested January 26, 2016
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1. When 2 or more people group hug one person (from my experience usually used on one's birthday)

2. Another word for a threesome. You sick fucks.
1. "Happy birthday! Human sandwich!"

2. "Yo, me, Jessica, and Phil had a human sandwich. No homo tho"
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