A very short girl who’s very strong and can be negative and positive at the same time.
person 1: guys, do you see humairah anywhere?
person 2: nah, i wonder where she is
humairah: i’m RIGHT HERE GUYS
by aujeon July 22, 2018
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Humairah is the type of person to brighten up your day with a simple ‘hi’ or her beautiful smile. She is one of a kind and is the most caring girl you will ever meet. She deserves only the best as she has a beautiful soul. She is a sexy, funny girl! Humairah is the most genuine person you will meet. She loves her family and loves the small gestures. Humairah is perfect in every way but sometimes she forgets that. She is quite reserved but definately has a crazy side to her once you get to know her. You would be a very lucky person to even know her. A Humairah is the most understanding person you will ever meet. Everyone needs Humairah in their life.
“Omg is that a Humairah? She has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen in my entire existence! I wish I could be her!”
by Anonymous_weirdo December 29, 2018
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