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Huerquilla is pronounced (wer-kia). It is slang for 'dude' or 'chick' in the northern parts of Mexico, including Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico City, Monterrey and areas generally 2 hours south of the Texas border. Other states in Mexico have their own slang names (e.g. Sinaloa: Plebe, Michoacan: Vale o Buki, etc.). "Werkia" is generally associated with a female of Hispanic or Mexican heritage. The words 'werkia' (Arabic) and 'verka' (Russian) have other meanings. To see huerquilla spelled as 'werkia', the educated person knows that their correspondent has only common and auditory use of the word, instead of actual knowledge of authentic origins. {alternate spellings: "Werca" and "gûerca", and if the person is really confused, "guera"}
Abigail, que chula huerquilla.
by amandathomas April 25, 2012
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