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A funny (sometimes not) Twitter account. It is a funny, sassy and really cool fanaccount for Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, 5 Seconds of Summer, Leonardo Dicaprio, One Direction, The Janoskians etc. She has over 20,000 followers and spends her time trying to get other a follow from their faves. She can be very sassy and slightly mean but actually kinda nice and quite sweet. Her followers describe her as "sweet and sassy" and she describes herself as "a misantrophist with wifi". Her followers described her humor as "as funny as Beau" (Beau Brooks from the Janoskians that is considered as not funny at all). She actually tweeted once that she doesn't hate people becase you have to care to hate. She also runs multiple (5) Tumblr-blogs with each over 13,000 followers. Most of her posts are intended to make the reader feel better about theirselves. She slays herself and makes jokes about herself and the things the does. Also she's very supportive. She'll try everything to make anyone feel better. She only posted one selfie ever (on Twitter and Tumblr) and deleted it after 2 hours. On Twitter it got over 370 favorites and on Tumblr over 2,000 reblogs and over 4,000 likes. Also if you're not even in a fandom, all her stories are hilarious. She's always there for anyone who needs her; especially if you're going through a rough time. She often Tweets about boobs. I personally like her very much.
"Httpstagram is my fave Twitter account, she's really nice and funny
"If httpstagram had a fandom I'd be the only one in it"
"Httpstagram once texted me!!1!1!"
by EmilyftLanayea June 06, 2014
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