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Also known as a hermaphroditic raging raping fetus, it is a fetus (unborn child) possessing both male and female genitalia, usually unnaturally angry for an undeveloped human being, and characterized by an uncontrollable wish to sexually molest every living thing in sight. Often found in urban areas, but rarely seen because it is very elusive and prefers the cover of night. Take care when taking shortcuts through dark back alleys; it has a tendency to jump out from nearby dumpsters and anally penetrate you within a very short amount of time, then proceed to melt back equally as swiftly into the shadows from whence it burst only a few short moments ago, thus making it almost impossible to catch and bring to justice. Which would be a fruitless endeavour anyway, since it obviously cannot be tried as an adult, as it is not even a minor but barely more than a fucking embryo, and consequently would receive no more than a week and a half in jail for such a paltry misdemeanour as rape.
Holy shit son that hrrf came out of nowhere, and now my asshole hurts really bad... did you see where it went?
by fetusman April 21, 2007
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