The traditional greeting of southern, conservative, gun-loving, poor, white farmers, who also think the Confederate flag is the flag of the United States.

The term is also associated with hoboes, hicks and rednecks.

Rarely is the person to whom the gretting is addressed any sort of 'partner'. Except, possibly, in the context of an incestuous relationship between the two parties.
Hick 1: Howdy partner! What y'all doin' tonight?

Hick 2: I'm gonna 'ave me some cows for dinner!

Hick 3: I'm gonna go shoot me some trespassers with ma 12-gauge! I'll bring back the meat!

Hick 1: K, howdy y'all, I best be off, ma Doris want's some hot lovin, ya know!

Hick 2: Doris yo sister or Doris yo mothar?
by Dmitri April 1, 2004
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a greeting you say as a cowboy/southern fellow to a friend
Oh well howdy, partner! How d'ya darn diddly dee do?!


Well f**k.
by The name's Milk. Spoiled Milk February 9, 2021
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To ponytail-buttplug your boyfriend while riding him and slapping his testicles.
bf: "Honey i'm playing red dead redemption 2, i wish it would be more realistic..."
gf: "wanna be like a horse in rdr?"
bf: "lets do the howdy partner!"
by 187pimp October 28, 2018
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A term created and used by lilrandy01 aka maddenboss_ aka MrDonut01. It is generally used as an introductory line like: Hello, or Hey There!
by Favoriteheat April 4, 2018
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