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i don't give a shit!; who cares!; -your story has become tiresome!! -a polite way to express fake interest!!
-and then we walked through the plaza de mcfoolsley, window shopping and jabbering... (response) -how nice for you!!

jeremy just graduated second grade, and kates' in a play!...(response) -how nice for you!!

i ordered a cup of yak sperm while she babbled on an on, at what was apparently the end, i stated; how nice for you!!
by michael foolsley December 18, 2009
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Words directed at a person when your'e not really interested (with) more than a little jealousy thrown in!

Do we really care??
Jeremy:"My Wife and I are off again to Borneo!"

Derek:"Oh really?-How nice for you!"
by Inja September 16, 2012
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