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Hotlight accures when you are in a very hot room and you get very sweaty. Your balls start to sweat and all there is in the room is a big sack of potatoes. If your name is sam, the first instink u will have is to run over to the potatoes and start shoving them up your butt hole. Hotlight is when u get that awkward moment that the potato is to fat to fit up your butt hole but you force it in their clogging it so you can no longer take massive dumps. Sams are too retarted to think before action so they will just shove the whole sack of potatoes up there tiny butt hole causing internal bleedingšŸ˜
"I just saw sam in the hotlight!"

"Oh no! Now hes going to shove potatoes up his tiny butt hole causing internal bleeding!"
by Mr tiny butt hole January 29, 2014
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