If China is a well paid bimbo, then hot money is her claim to fuckin’ fame. Hot money from short-term, high-interest seeking stags have made her communism's most visited piece of ass.
It’s amazing how quickly hot money quadrupled his capital investment and America’s financial STDs.
by marshamartian May 10, 2011
The name of a girl who loves Lil Wayne, and prays at night for Chuck Bass.

A 'Miro$lava Money$hot' generally has gorgeous hair and eyelashes that will make you want to do the dirty. She constantly is claiming that she 'has been such a disgusting girl.' Maybe she is suggesting that you punish her?
Ps. she spelt her name with a money sign before Ke$ha.
"i've been such a disgusting girl." - Miro$lava Money$hot
by sage69 November 3, 2010