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A fusing of the phrase "holy shit" or a corrupted version of "oh shit", depending on user's personal preference.
"Okay, I've washed the acid off. Does it look okay?"
"Hoshit, dude! Half your face is gone!"

"So, did you study for the Philosophy final?"
"That's today?! Hoshit..."
by MarioMatt November 03, 2008
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(can also be termed "hoe shit") noun. - defined by men or women selling sex, the act/illusion of sex, sexual napalms, or sexuality for a certain type of gain. This gain can be a variety of things, such as attention, publicity, materialism, monetary value, nourishment, security, etc. The phrase has always been around but was popularized back in 2005 by r&b songstress Erykah Badu on a YouTube Video explaining how to stay a relevant celebrity.
Tiger Woods' ho shit nearly cost him one of his eyes and some teeth, as wife Elin chased after him with a golf club.
by Dishalon13 April 10, 2010
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A term commonly used online. It originally came from the term "oh shit" but as newer users on sites began to use chatspeak, they blended the words together to form "ohshit".
After that, one typo and it turned into "hoshit". Just like how "owned" became "pwned".

The term can also occasionally be used to show excitement.
"Hoshit! I just lost my last life and now I have to start the whole fucking game over!"


"Hoshit! I just made 10k from that investment."
by Misukiko May 30, 2009
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when someone tries to say oh shit, but says "ho" shit instead
Me: my dad caught me drinking last night
You: ho shit! he must have been pissed
by saucemonkey April 29, 2009
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A statement of shock. Though most often expressed calmly, it usually implies an imminent need to "get the fuck out" of one's current situation.
Mike: What's that noise in the other room?
Andy: Someone pulled out a blade.
Mike: Ho Shit.
by RoarkIsAwesome February 17, 2011
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