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Someone that has their hand around a dick way to much. Whether a male or female or whether it's their's or someone else's. Examples; masturbator, serial cocksucker, $5 crack whore, main activity for boy in first year of male puberty. Also can be used to describe someone who enslaves a male with sex, ie. "She's got him on a dick leash."
"One rail of crank and he turns into a hoseclamp."
"From the time he was 11 he's been a total hoseclamp."
"He'll do anything for her, she's got him in a hoseclamp."
"The pivot man at the circle jerk was a professional hoseclamp."
She worked at the massauge parlor as a hoseclamp."
There's a lot of hoseclamps on Castro Street.
by JonEx January 24, 2006
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