When a thin pretty girl travels around with or socializes with a fat ugly girl.
"Check out that horse and rider going into the club across the street"
by DoorGuy June 11, 2004
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The process in which a male firmly clasps his penis with his elbows, moving in clock-wise circles.
"Damn. Daniel has been using the Dixon Horse Rider technique lately."
by Mannaaaaa April 14, 2016
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Breaking a bottle of chloroform to knock a horse unconscious, then proceeding to insert the horse's penis into your own ass or a partner's, only to have the horse awake mid-fuck and ram the individual's asshole so hard it ruptures his or her intestinal wall and they bleed out. Usually the death occurs in the field, the hospital bed or during the act itself.
Robert: What the hell happened to Todd, I heard he died?

Lee: He totally chloroformed that horse to try to have it fuck him, but it woke up and totally Polish Horse-Rider'd the shit out of him. Literally.

Robert: Shit, well what the fuck happened to the horse? I was going to fuck it.
by Ernest P. Worrel July 25, 2009
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