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1. A term in the Brony fandom that refers to the act of a pony sucking on a unicorn's horn, sexually or not.

2. Any work done to a unicorn's horn (such as filing).
Whenever Rarity goes to the spa, she gets a hornjob as part of the package.
by DK_The_White November 12, 2011
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A person who hasn't had intercourse in a while and is feeling excessively rambunctious.
"Rah bredda stop chirpsing me! your such a hornjob!"
by Jojoba January 14, 2008
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when animals that have horns rub each others genitails with their horns to increase their excitement
the dinasours started to give each other horn-jobs because they were feeling really rambunctious
by thatguy20125 August 24, 2014
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