A code word a slob uses with his slob best friend when they are out at bars and clubs. They usually use it to indicate to the other that a certain girl is their hopeful "lay" of the night. (This word is hopefully because it never actually happens, and the guy will most likely remain a virgin forever)
"Hey dude, I'm so glad we stopped eating for two seconds and headed out, theses girls are so much more realistic than the magazines we have"
"Yeah dude, haha YOLO, look at that chunk of butt over there that's surrounded by tons of attractive men...that's my Hopefuckly tonight."
by Your Inappropriate Mother January 02, 2014
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When you are with a girl/guy and you know that there is a chance that you are gonna get laid, but you aren't sure.
"So are you gonna get laid by Jenna tonight?"
by NotAnImposter December 31, 2013
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