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A select variant of the term Hoosier (absolute trashy, nickle rich, dime poor people.) Generally sporting mullets, jalopies, having 4 or more offspring while living in a trailer with 'Joe Dirt' like je ne sais quoi. Used when the direct knowledge of hoosier-dom is known to the said offender but yet they still try and add eloquence to their situation or style with a French flair.
Thinking that taking your girl to a fast food restaurant and saying "no, go ahead pick anything you want" off the menu makes you fell like a big spender fine diner is very, HOOSZHWA` Then when you leave and jump in the passenger seat of your '83 F150 and yell "whooo, we're drinking rich tonight!" mixing Boone's farm Strawberry Hill and Busch beer together (for homemade champange)...'nuff said.
by jagerhall January 19, 2012
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