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1.Everything that's good in tha da hood, keepin it street

2.Using hood means to propel yourself to wealth, making it from nothing when others are sure you will fail.

3. Things you see in the hood that are above average
1. All the other rappers don went hollywood, but me I'm hoodgood I'm still in the streets.

2. Man that boy rich rich now, I remember he was in the projects with nothing; that's hoodgood

3.That boy dro got that Escalade hoodgood wit them Rose Gold 30s.
by HoodGood GL May 19, 2007
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when food from a nice less diverse area taste really good and authentic, like those little hole in the wall authentic restaurants in more "hoodish" areas, same or better taste without actually having to go there.
friend 1: are you going to get chipotle? friend 2: Nah, I'm going to this place in down town, their burritos are hood good.
by iheartfalafel May 30, 2015
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