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1. to make something more "gangsta".

A term created and used by the newly signed Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest, which means to make something more "gangsta" like in the hood. Ron Artest has been the most notorious and intimidating NBA basketball player since Dennis Rodman. You don't mess with Ron Artest!
Ron Artest: (On picking new jersey number) I need some help. The fans can twitter me at "96TruwarierQB"... we gotta hoodalize ESPN.

ESPN Anchor: Hey, we've been hoodalized!
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to bring a hood mentality; to instill a gritty street-tough attitude to a situation or group of people

Coined by NBA star Ron Artest in an interview with ESPN. Artest expressed his intention to hoodalize the Lakers (his new team).
Ron Artest hoodalized the Lakers and helped them win back-to-back championships.
by jpk81 July 10, 2009
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