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An alternative to walking/running around a vehicle, in which a running jump is taken onto the hood of a vehicle (preferably yours), landing body first, and letting yourself slide across the hood to the other side of the vehicle, where you land on your feet.
Easier with a good wax job. Not recomended on full-size vans or Hyundais.
For further reference on this, see any episode of the popular 80's tv show "The Dukes of Hazzard"
by shiznannigan December 26, 2003
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see bo-duke it...basically means jumping into a car by unconventional means, i.e. over the side of the door or the back (only possible in a jeep, convertible, pick-up truck, or similar vehicle).
"When a mountain of a man with a 'born to kill' tattoo
Tried to cut in, I knocked out his front tooth
We ran outside, hood sliding like Bo Duke
What was I thinking?"
-Dierks Bentley ("What Was I Thinking?")
by Nick D October 01, 2003
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