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Taken from the name of a band, Hoobastank, and skanks, thus coming up with Hoobaskanks. They are the various 15-25 year old female who wear shirts that my 6 month old son couldn't fit into, shorts that he also couldn't fit into, and makeup that was applied with a trowel and wagner power painter. Normally seen in malls walking around with large formations of other Hoobaskanks in their migratory patterns, down and back, down and back, hang out at food court, repeat until kicked out of mall. Though they are all seeking attention in the worst possible way, glancing at them will have adverse reactions from entire flocks of Hoobaskanks.
Me: Wow, look at that herd of hoobaskanks. I wondered where all the old used handkerchiefs and Tammy Faye Baker's makeup went to.
Hoobaskank #1: What the fuck are you looking at? Pervert, quit looking at me!
Me: Go home you little whore and get some self esteem and buy some clothes from a regular store, not the lingerie department in Whores R Us.
Hoobaskank #2: Shut up, you're just jealous of us because you can't have us.
Me: ******laughing hysterically*****
by flydezine February 14, 2006
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a crusty twated, titty saggin,used to play basketball(I mean used to play with basketballs,now they,re too small),street corner working. relative fuckin,donkey dick suckin,woops she forgot to deusche her barf hole,cummin to take your man SLUT !!!!
look kids at that green fog around that hooker, now thats what we call a hoobaskank
by ding dong dipshit August 28, 2007
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