Hoo Hah is a term used to describe a combo done by Diddy Kong in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and Nintendo 3ds. Hoo Hah was received quite controversially among the the Smash Bros competetive play community because of it's overpowered nature. The combo was performed by using a down throw to an up-aerial move often causing crowds to shout out the name they had given it - the Hoo Hah. Due to it's earlir mentioned overpowered nature, it became quite infamous, and so did Diddy Kong players alike.

The combo was ultimately removed in an update patch for the game by Nintendo April 15th 2015. Since it's removal, the Hoo Hah has become a fairly popular meme.
Examples of how it's used

Example 1: Oh man! The Hoo Hah is so damn OP (overpowered)

Example 2: You should've seen Hungrybox getting Hooh Hah-ed by Player 1, he popped off his chair!
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by Not ZeRo March 03, 2016
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the penis, schlong, wang, weiner, purple-headed-yogurt-squirter, etc.
My hoohah is bigger than your hoohah
by Nate Dogg September 09, 2003
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An expression when you want to scare someone, but you can't think anything to say.
Closely related to 'Booyah'.
"Hey, Bobby, did you see that - "
by Phah Q. April 09, 2003
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a gang located in hell... also known as the shoreline of Connecticut. they enjoy going SWAT and making trouble. They hate people with the name of trina and think she needs to die. They enjopy having fun, hanging out, and hating people. they also use hoo hah to describe when the Master Bitch gets angry.
"mini bitch watch out for master bitch... shes going hoo hah" -the mini pimp
by Mary June 24, 2004
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a synonym for the question "what?", as in you didn't understand the first time because someone mumbled or you just couldn't hear or it didn't make sense to you.
first guy: yesterday I saw this guy and he was hmphmmm (mumbles, like ya do)
second guy: he was hoohah?
first guy: he was totally making out with that fat chick, Emma.
by dgaf100% March 09, 2011
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Male gonads
synonyms: testicles, nuts, cajones
I'm a petty bitch and I know eventually, I will bring the PNB TO IT'S DAMN KNEES AND THEN I'LL KICK IT IN ITS HOO-HAHS!!!!
by Lassie Scoot December 19, 2018
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Guy 1: Hi, do you do drugs?
Guy 2: Not really, but I use this one called hoo-hah.
Guy 1: What's that?
Guy 2: Some sort of meth you put in your pee-hole.
by Megan Cox October 17, 2018
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