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Pronunciation: on-oaf
Function: adverb
Date: 20th century

1 : the highest form of pure honesty. A code of honesty between close friends. It's another way of asking someone to swear on a family member's grave whether they are telling the truth or not. Lying on honoaf has dire consequences, though this hasn't been proven yet.
2: marked by genuineness : true
Example 1 ~
UnSub1: Did you sleep with my girlfriend
UnSub2: No
UnSub1: Honoaf?
UnSub2: Yeah, I slept with her.

Example 2 ~
UnSub1: I scored three touchdowns in my football game yesterday!!
UnSub2: Honoaf? You suck at football.
UnSub1: Honoaf.
UnSub2: Wow, in that case, good for you.
by run_tmc December 08, 2009
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