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Fuck off. Used when someone's jumping in your shit.
Person 1. Why didn't you take out the garbage last night when I asked you too? The sanitary engineers won't be back for a week and it's gonna be puttin' a hurt on my nose.

Person 2. Honk my bobo, beotch.
by JohnnyD September 02, 2003
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1.a phrase that extremely cool people use to tell girls to give them oral pleasure
matt :" hey bitch honk honk my bobo"
ho : " sure why not "
by skittles limited May 10, 2005
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Term given to the act of oral sex in several southern states.
I went out with Carol last night and she said if she could order off the menu at The Sizzler ,she would Honk My Bobo. So no buffet last night!
by Urban humor September 17, 2017
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