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A badass car group that many people want to be in but can’t get in. Basses of family. The members are cool and the owner of the groups is a badass
Honja666: Yo have you seen honja lately

Honja golf: Yeah man there getting so big and known
by HonjaFan August 05, 2018
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Afrikaans for a type of nocturnal, short-horned, specialized herbivore grasshopper in the family Pneumoridae, order Orthoptera. Commonly known as Bladder Grasshoppers, Bladderhoppers, Flying Gooseberries, "Grasspringkaan" in Afrikaans or "Eenderm" in the Suidwes language. They are (with few exceptions) endemic to coastal regions of southern Africa.
The Honjas outside are quite loud tonight, I wish they would be quiet so I can get some sleep.
by Xhantar January 18, 2019
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