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A 'Person' who has a strong desire/an obsession with providing other individuals or groups with oral-sex. Who cannot function normally without providing oral sex to others. An addiction to providing others with the practise of 'oral sex'.
A person who has to provide Cunnilingus to a woman.
A person who has to provide Fellatio and Irrumatio to a man.
A person who has to provide Analingus to another person.
"I really want to extract the honey from your genetalia"

"I need to suck your cock dry"

"I have to eat out your pussy for my fucking dinner because I applied for the 40 hour famine!"

"I'm a dirty bitch! I need my honey-hoover to come home from work or I'll get the slut next door to munch out my gravy-bucket".
by JailmouthJimmy July 14, 2009
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