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1. A confection made with honey and LSD. Abbie Hoffman referred to it simply as Honey in one of his books.

2. A confection made with honey and marijuana fried together.

1 heaping teaspoon of marijuana.
2 or 3 tablespoons of honey.
Put grass in a dry frying pan. Fry the grass over a low to medium fire for about five minutes, stirring it to be sure it doesn't burn. It is done when it begins to turn brown and wisps of smoke appear. Heat the honey (Important). While the honey is still warm, add the fried grass and mix it well. The honey completely coats the grass, and when you eat it it just slides down your throat. Serves one.
During a concert in the mid 70s, Neil Young told how he made his voice deeper by eating honey slides, and gave the recipe.
by Jay Young April 28, 2004
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