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Plant worker at Honda Canada Manufacturing in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. You will recognize them by their identical white uniforms, lack of respect for common driving conventions, and bubble of inflated ego that surrounds most of them. They are often spotted in local bars trying to impress girls by telling them they work at Honda. This often works because most Alliston women are Whonda-Whores who will suck a guys dick if he's even drove past the Honda plant.
guy: That fucker just cut me off!!!

2nd guy: what do you expect. He's a Hondroid...

girl: I want to suck his dick!!! He's so amazing because he puts bolts in cars all day and makes 20 dollars an hour! I want to have his children!
by televox March 15, 2007
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First coined in 1987 to describe a Honda Associate working in a Honda manufacturing plant, as a "Honda Android" given the nature of the repetitive, robotic like, workaholic, demanding jobs with long hours extending into the weekend, with no personal life. Combining the words gives "Hondroid." Not to be confused with recent Honda humanoid robotics such as Asimo.
noun > "Hondroids" work long hours at the plant and every weekend, but they get paid well.

Jake > "Chris has no time to do anthing cool on the weekend, he's a 'hondroid'"

by Gabrielli April 26, 2008
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