1. Somebody who is insecure about their own sexuality and in turn hate homosexuals to make themselves feel more hetero than they really are.

2. See: bigot, idiot, or immature

3. Also known as closet case
Being a homophobe, Greg got a stiffy for a man named Rob, but decided to call him a faggot and boast about how many women he's had sex with, which you take and divide it by 20 to get the actual number.
by Matt Black November 17, 2004
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1. Someone who's afraid of eating hotdogs because it reminds them of penises.
2. That friend everyone has that is always saying something is 'gay' as their way of saying something is bad. Usually accompanied by accusing people they know of being gay when they know better, most likely as an attempt to cover up their own gayness, when everyone wishes they'd just come out of the closet already and get it over with.
3. Newcomers to county jail or state/federal prison. Also potentially your straight friends after you get out of jail and/or prison.
4. People who seem to take their religion way out of context so they can use it to promote hate and intolerance; found a lot in the southern united states but isn't limited to that region.
1. "Dude that hot dog is SO over the bun. I'm not eating that. I'll look gay." "You're such a homophobe. Just eat the damn hotdog." "No! I bet you want me to put mayonaisse on it, too, don't you?" "What does that have to do with anything?"
2. "That's a gay game. You're gay for even playing it. It's gay beyond belief." "It's okay, Kevin. You can come out of the closet. We're still your friends." "Gays!" "Homophobe."
3. "Holy shit dude, I'm not trying to sound like a homophobe but I really think I'm going to need some soap on a rope. I saw the way those guys were eyeing me in the shower." or "Dude, my homie just got out of prison. I wonder if he took it in the ass while he was in there?" "Homophobes!"
4. Man 1: "Hey, whatever happened to Matthew, Chapter 7, verse 1, 'thou shalt not judge...'?" Man 2: "Fuck that, man, God hates fags, it's in the Bible!" Man 1: "There's a lot of other stuff in the Bible too, maybe if you knew how to read you'd know that." Man 2: "You're a faggot!" Man 1: "You're a homophobe." Man 2: "Queer!" Man 1: "Have a nice life."
by Daniel Dalrymple March 22, 2007
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A male who has an irrational fear of having a penis or other large object shoved through his sphincter muscle
A female who has an irrational fear of other woman who pretend they want to have sex with woman, but who really want other woman to spend endless hours with them, discussing their hatred of men.
Oh, so you're determined to have your own point of view - OK then - you miserable homophobe
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A term for people who believe that lgbt relationships are immoral and commonly misused by annoying, liberal, snowflakes because they can't grasp the idea that some people have different opinions about what is right and wrong. In reality, no one cares who they like as long they are not told that they are a "hater" or "uneducated" and that everyone should think what they think.
"OMG, like, that guy over there is, like, such a homophobe."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because, like, I asked him out and, like, he said "dude, I'm not gay." so, I was like, "but you could be." and then he was like, "no, it's wrong." Can you, like, believe the nerve of some people?
"OMG.. such a homophobe."
by qazplwsxokmedcijn123890 June 02, 2017
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Someone who is ignorant and ill informed about homosexual, bisexual or transsexual people. People like this are most likely ill informed about many other things as well, and typically have low IQs and show it.
That homophobe just said gay people are gross.
by butane killer May 06, 2005
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a)A closet homosexual.
b)A person who finds homosexuality as perversion, gross, immoral, etc., and thinks that homosexuals should die.
Normally, homophobic men say that they find disgusting the idea of two men having sex; but, just let them watch an episode of The L Word and see how sexist and misogynistic they are...
Other homophobes say that they don't hate homosexuals, just their homosexual activities(?)... If sodomy is wrong, how is a gay man supposed to have sex?

I'm not lesbian or bi... yet(because who knows if my sexual orientation might not change in a couple of years); but, I hate intolerence and abuse and I really support gay rights; I have a bunch of gay friends that have done too much for me. I also find effeminate man and androgynes more attractive(hey, that's my taste in men, so I don't care what you think!)
Although I do believe in a God(sometimes it's good to believe in something), I don't believe in the bible and I do not assist to any church.
I don't believe that a homophobe is the same thing as a heterosexual with an opinion. Can somebody tell me if "fags will go to hell" is an opinion?
a)My ex-boyfriend: I'm not gay like that fag Stefan Olsdal, but I'd probably do Brian Molko...
Me: Huh?!
In my house...
My ex-boyfriend: Dude, let me borrow your dress.
Me: Sure. Go on, dude.
A couple of minutes later...
Me: Hey dude, it suits you better than me! Do you want me to do your make-up?
My ex-boyfriend: No! I don't want anybody to call me a fucking fag!

b)My brother: I can't understand why you watch Queer as Folk! Gay sex is fucking gross and wrong!
Me: Well, I like it because they analize the gay lifestyle and it's way better than watching the same shit on TV, like Friends. I also watch Will and Grace...
My brother: Another fag show...
Me: Victor, don't be such a homophobe!...
My brother: I'm not a homophobe! I just think that guys need to act manly and that gay sex is fucking sick!
Me: Whatever, dude... And I like The L Word.
My brother: I wouldn't have a problem watching that...
Me: Victor, it's still gay sex!
My brother: Yeah, but it looks hot in girls.
Me:(sighs frustrated) Oh my God...!
by Mythica August 24, 2006
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