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Homoliptus.... lets see...lets break it down now....homo...meaning fag and in mentholiptus. I still don't know what the hell it means but I been callin people homoliptus for years. I think it sounds good, just like my other invention, bastard fag. They just both really seem to get the point across. What point, you may ask? Quit asking stupid question and just make sure you use the word homoliptus in at least 5 sentences this week. Aiight, get lost homoliptus.
1) Whaddup homoliptus.... I thought you was still downtown with yer spoogehog.

2) Now you just step off with that homoliptian attitude there bro, before I bust you in da mowf.

3) (heard at the crack house) Get that moe fugga, man, thats the homoliptus that gypped us.
by Ezeerider October 10, 2004
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