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A form of erotica (sensual romantic situations) that occurs between people of the same sex, especially in the case of a same-sex couple. Homoerotica can be used to refer to lesbian or gay male erotica, but it usually refers to gay male erotic situations.

Jonathan's breath was taken away as he looked at David's naked body. The rosiness of his fair skin, the taut, pink buds that adorned his bosom, his supple haunches trembling sensually, and the softness of his sex between his thighs, Jonathan gasped with desire and love as he embraced his beloved. David almost sobbed with joy as he rested his face against Jonathan's shoulder, savoring the soft thicket of hair on his lover's breast.
by Lorelili December 18, 2006
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okay, so this one time, the guy bent over to pick up the soap and... ERRRAAHHHH PENIS!
Oh my god! Senora whipped out her own dick and did herself in the butt! Talk about homo-erotica
by jesta :--> September 17, 2003
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