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Archaic c. 1985

A form of punk rock also known as queercore

Homocore artists:

1) MDC or Millions of Dead Cops
2) the Dicks
3) the Germs
4) Jello Biafra

Politically left-of-center and usually more macho than the mainstream gay music of the time - new wave or alternative

Now an insult which includes all the bands gay yuppies like, girls like and the emo groups
There's this cool homocore show in San Francisco. Lots of punks and skinheads will be there. You don't have to be queer to like the music, because it sounds just like aggressive hardcore punk rock.

My Chemical Romance is homocore
by Assex 776 October 06, 2007
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A degrading term used to describe anything which is crap and plain outright shit. Something or someone which you hate and think is completely and utterly pathetic. The term was originally coined on 2true as an insult towards bourke's and gronks.
Damn this shit is so homocore.

Fuckin homocore adlays.
by James Malkovich October 09, 2006
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