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Originating in St. Augustine, FL this word is the act of spitting mad game at bitches. Can be used to summon bitches to come over to your location but most often used as a strong word so that bitches simply acknowledge your presence in a place. A simple but lasting greeting.
you show up at a party, The normal crowd says "Wassup Playa, nigga, pimp...etc" but you with your infinite wisdom and prowness distinguish yourself and simply say..."Hollasauce." People are amazed at your gangsta ways.

Here's another example.

"I will go hollasauce at her in a minute."

Meaning that soon you will throw down a massive amount of game on a honey.

Yet another example:

You're sitting at a red light when a foxy lady drives up next to you with her window down. You need to let her know that she is in the presence of a master pimp, so you simply lean over thru the passenger seat and get her attention by yelling that amazingly simple word "HOLLASAUCE!" Then just lean back and watch the sparks fly.
by St. Johns October 24, 2006
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