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a heavy woman usually in her twenties who thinks she is hot, wears too tight of clothing and when she eats looks like a hog devouring slop.
for example if a woman walks by you in a bar and fits this description, you turn to your buddy and say wow look at that hog jaw, this usually results in her boyfriend who usually weighs 100lbs getting in your face, while his girlfriend eats all the bar peanuts. This is a prime example of HOG JAWS
by sly and matthew August 03, 2010
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Virginia holler slang for some rival fat bitch, often used for relatives or in-laws.
That hog jaw bitch better not come by here or I'll knock her ass into Jenny Craig!
by Uncle Delmus August 14, 2010
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A big ol hogjaw is that fat son of bitch you see eating like crazy 24/7.
Man look at the big ol hogjaw eating everything.

Timmy quit hogjawing der`
by Biznizzle September 03, 2004
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When u put a big fuckin chew of tobacco in mouth....its so big u talk like a damn pirate!
I almost passed out after i put that fucking hog jaw in.
by Tyler Kersey May 09, 2006
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