Is usually when yall get together with a bunch of friends and have a howlin' good time. Music, lots of booze and wild abandon are key ingredients. May be organized by some social group or establishment in the hopes of attracting many strangers/patrons.

Term has its roots in the traditional dance performed by some folks long ago.
Jimmy: Yo you goin to the Pit? they havin' that blues night hodown!

Jack: Nah man...they don't know how to throwdown.

Jill: Yea and they really overcharge u on watered down drinks...hey lets just get a shitload of food n booze and get the whole crew to hodown at JJ's.
by W. Smith December 13, 2006
When your wife pisses you off to the point you throw her on the ground.
Jimmy Raisinberry: ZENA! YOUR CAT IS KILLING ME!
Zena: MY PUSSY!!!
*Johnny throws her down perfusely* BITCH! HERES A HODOWN!
by JimmyRaisinberry July 14, 2009