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V. To engage, partake, or participate in activities which would be otherwise exhibited by a ho-dad.

Such activities and pastimes include, but are not limited to: loitering, petty thieving, not bathing for days on end, constantly bumming cigarettes, wearing the same outfit for over a week straight, using the "f" word to excess in regular dialogue, collecting welfare and food stamps when they do not need it and are perfectly capable of getting a job for themselves (then bitching about the economy), constantly asking others for money, drugs, or favors, drinking to excess at any social gathering and becoming obnoxious as fuck, begging their friends to let them couch surf almost every other night, and being a general dick-weed until they burn all their bridges with all the people they've mooched off of.
Dude 1: Dude seriously, this is getting old as hell! Stan wants to know if he can stay at my house again TONIGHT! Its been like 3 fuckin' weeks man!!!

Dude 2: Yeah I don't blame you for bein' pissed as shit man, that's some serious hodadary that Stan's pullin' and if he doesn't shape up you gotta throw his ass out. End of story.
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