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video game term: a small easily defended snipers pearch that usualy has only one entrance or exit. Most examples are only accessable by spaw points or a ladder
bob: huzza I am winning

jim: indeed you are it seams I must retreat to my hobo hut and snipe you

bob: oh my thats going to be hard to kill you up there, seeing as how it is so easily defended

jim: indeed it is
by gangster shoe March 28, 2009
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A hobo hut is comonly found near rod and gun clubs or other places where one can easily steal small things unnoticed like wood or metal grates (used for cooking over) they are common hobo outpostes were hobos can rest and add to. If left un checked they can grow extremely large and are easy to locate just find the most hard to accse place on the property and look for convinent wood planks that make great bridges that the owner or owners didn't place.
moron1 "Dude i found a Hobo hut at the rod and gun club"
moron2 "how do you know its a hobo hut"
moron1 "their was a hobo in it"
moron2 "oh"
by xana55 October 22, 2009
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Planks of wood propped up in some attempt to make an ideal shelter for the night... may look like a child's fort at first sight but in closer detail you'll realize that it is built more poorly than a child could possibly do.
I saw a Hobo Hut made next to a dumpster so I kicked it over and beat up the dumbass inside.
by Oreo Ball Z August 10, 2008
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