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A hobo hut is comonly found near rod and gun clubs or other places where one can easily steal small things unnoticed like wood or metal grates (used for cooking over) they are common hobo outpostes were hobos can rest and add to. If left un checked they can grow extremely large and are easy to locate just find the most hard to accse place on the property and look for convinent wood planks that make great bridges that the owner or owners didn't place.
moron1 "Dude i found a Hobo hut at the rod and gun club"
moron2 "how do you know its a hobo hut"
moron1 "their was a hobo in it"
moron2 "oh"
by xana55 October 22, 2009

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amature surgeon is the best game ever on adult swim it tells the tail of alen probe in his quest to learn to cut people
er perform surgery with the help of ignious bleed washed up sergon
dude awsome game amature surgeon
by xana55 September 22, 2009

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bad ass chick from the alien movies she survived her first alien encounter her second alien encounter died and then lived again and survived her fourth alien enncounter and killed like a bazillion aliens with a nuke and a gun with a grenade launcher
man 1:you see the terminator he's bad ass
man 2: you never seen ellan ripley she killed a bazillion alien at once
man 1: niiiicccee
by xana55 August 18, 2009

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channel 666 is a TV station that if left on for 24 hours will cause the apocalypse this has happened twice luckily it was only in new york and at the exact moment of George W. Bushes birth so the greater evil of NY and GWB stopped the end from happening. some claim that this was also broadcast with a much more mild effect into the brain of Hitler by radio
dude the TV has been on channel 666 for 22 hours and my pants are on fire and the house is full of lava and i feel like strangling Jesus WERE IS THE REMOTE.
by xana55 January 17, 2010

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