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( Hich- Hheyk'- Her)

An unusually long hair ( no shorter than 7 cm), generally found when cleaning your crack in the shower, that has hitched a ride in your taintal area all day.

These hairs can be identified by the strange feeling they give when snagged (by toilet paper, a washcloth, or bare hand) from behind that extends beyond the scrotum due to their entanglement in the pubic area. They are sometimes accompanied by lint, peanuts, or other foreign matter it has picked up in the intersection or around the anus.

Hitchhikehairs can cause minor panic and/or confusion in males mistaking them for a really long ass hair.
They are easily spotted by most females due to lack of butt hair.
Fed up with all the hitchhikehairs, Alan cleaned the lint traps and shaved his wife's head while she slept.
by NFYRx November 05, 2009
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